Types of Italian pizza – Panuozzo

Panuozzo is an Italian delicacy that is more of a bread than a variant of pizza. It is a large sandwich made of long-aged, overgrown, yeast pizza dough. It is therefore something completely different from the classic versions of this dish, such as Neapolitan, Roman or Sicilian pizza. Panuozzo is especially popular in Campania, where he comes from. You can try this delicacy by visiting pizzerias in Larnaca. The best pizza in Larnaca is on our menu.

Panuozzo and her origin

There are many conjectures as to the origin of the panuozzo, but the most likely is the story from 1983. Giuseppe Mascolo created a pizza dough sandwich that was long and narrow, filled with pancetta and mozzarella. Giuseppe’s daughter, Pasqualina, named the delicacy “panuozzo”. Panuozzo di Gragnano became a popular delicacy in Italy 30 years later. The recipe of the Mascolo family, which has owned the registered trademark since 1996, is a closely guarded secret. It is one of the most recognizable dishes in the entire Campania. From the beginning, panuozzo is served warm and fragrant, just like freshly baked bread. It deviates from the concept of typical fast food and is a healthier alternative to it. It is popular among Neapolitans, as is the authentic Neapolitan pizza. Those who want to enjoy their favourite flavours at home can choose panuozzo or Neapolitan pizza with delivery.


Characteristics of pizza

Panuozzo can be called differently – pizza, bread, sandwich. It is made from pizza dough that ferments in the cold. After baking, you put your favorite, almost any, Italian-style toppings inside. So before serving, the dough itself is baked, without toppings, unlike a  pizza like Neapolitan pizza. Once you have added the ingredients, you can bake the cake again. This will keep them warm and combine with the bread. Panuozzo can be found primarily in Naples and in Campania in general, where it enjoys the status of a popular street food. However, this is a much healthier option than other pizzas. Bread without additives can also be served solo, as an addition to other appetizers. The classic stuffing was bacon and mozzarella, now panuozzo with vegetables, salami or cheese are popular. The delicacy is mainly served for breakfast or dinner, not for lunch, such as authentic Neapolitan pizza. It is worth visiting the pizzerias in Larnaca to try different variants of this appetizing dish.


Ingredients & Preparation

Nowadays, you don’t just make the classic panuozzo with bacon and mozzarella – you can stuff them with virtually any toppings. It tastes great with any cheese, salami, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, capers, smoked salmon, olives, prosciutto, baby broccoli shoots, and many other ingredients. It is worth drizzling the panuozzo with olive oil or enriching it with a hot chilli sauce. A great deal of freedom is possible depending on the individual taste of the person. Panuozzo can also be made at home. To do this, you need to stock up on type 00 pizza flour, yeast, sugar, salt and your favorite toppings. The preparation of the dough begins by sifting the flour into a bowl and then adding the yeast, sugar and some water to it. Once the ingredients are combined, you can pour in the rest of the water and add salt. Knead the dough with your hands and put it into a bowl covered inside with a small amount of olive oil. Cover the whole thing with cling film and leave it for 1.5 hours in a warm place. Then the dough is placed in the refrigerator for 8 hours. After taking it out of the fridge, the dough should be left on a floured counter for about 45 minutes. After dividing into parts, each of them is given the shape of an oblong bun, covered with a cloth and left to rise for 2 hours, then gently flattened with your fingers. Panuozzo should be baked in an oven preheated to 250 degrees Celsius. The baking time is about 10 minutes. After removing the delicacy, you can leave it to cool for a while, divide each bun in half and put the previously prepared ingredients inside. The raw panuozzo dough can also be used to make pizza. All you have to do is gently stretch it with your hands and give it the shape of a circle. Fortunately, there is no need to go through the hassle of preparing the delicacy yourself. The best pizza in Larnaca is on our menu. You don’t even have to visit it in person – the alternative is panuozzo or Neapolitan pizza delivery.

Pizza has very different faces. Since its inception, it has undergone many modifications and in some variants it does not resemble a traditional Neapolitan pancake. From the Campania region comes the popular panuozzo sandwich, which is baked from pizza dough, but is a healthier alternative to most of its counterparts. It’s more of a bread that is eaten at different times of the day than lunch. They can be made at home and stuffed with any toppings, or ordered from a trusted pizzeria that uses high-quality ingredients.