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Order Online — Pizzeria 485

Do you want to experience the real taste of the Neapolitan Pizza without leaving your home? The Pizzeria 485 in Larnaca, which is a real Italian restaurant, has a solution for you.

You can enjoy our pizza Napoletana baked in a wood-fired oven wherever in Larnaca you are. Now, the delivery of the pizza Napoletana is easier than ever before, thanks to our cooperation with popular online food ordering platforms, which are Bolt Food, Wolt and Foody.

Bolt Food is an application which makes it possible to order food from local restaurants and grocer’s shops. After downloading the application to iOS or Android, users can view the menu, make an order and track the delivery in real time.

Wolt is a platform to order food online. It’s highly rated by the Competition Council. Wolt offers a wide choice of dishes from local restaurants as well as convenient functions, such as online payment and delivery tracking.

Foody is a different application used to order food from various places, such as local restaurants or grocer’s shops. Foody makes it possible to order food with ease and have it delivered quickly. Also, it enables to save information concerning future orders. All these functions are convenient for users.

How to order a pizza online?

A few clicks are enough to change your home into a small part of Naples. Choose your favourite pizza from the menu, add it to your cart, pay online and wait for the delivery. Our team will deliver your order straight to your door as soon as possible. We guarantee that your pizza will be warm, fragrant and crunchy.

No matter what happens, the Pizzeria 485 in Larnaca is there to make every moment more enjoyable. Our pizzas are not only exceptionally tasty, but they’re also made from the best quality ingredients. This way, our food becomes a real festival of flavours.

Why is the Neapolitan pizza in the Pizzeria Napoletana in Larnaca worth choosing?

We’re the authentic Neapolitan pizzeria in Larnaca that wants to convey passion and tradition of Italian cooking. Every pizza which we prepare is an expression of our love for food and our care for the smallest details.

Online ordering from the Pizzeria 485, which allows you to enjoy the tastiest pizza Napoletana without leaving home, is convenient and fast. No matter if you want to spend an evening watching films or you organise a meeting with your friends, our pizza will, for sure, satisfy every palate.

We invite you to take up our offer of delivery of the pizza Napoletana in Larnaca. Join the group of satisfied customers for whom the pizza from the Pizzeria 485 is not only food, but also a true work of culinary art.

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