Types of Italian pizza – Fritta pizza

Although Naples is dominated by Neapolitan pizza, of course, it is not the only type of popular dish that comes from this place. It turns out that baking pizza is just one of the possible options for preparing it. There is also a fried pizza – pizza fritta. This version is perfect for people looking for alternatives to classic dishes and who like culinary experiments. However, Fritta is definitely not new and has a rich history. This piece of deep-fried cake has won the hearts of not only Neapolitans – it already reigns supreme in restaurants all over the world. Good pizzerias in Larnaca serve different varieties of pizza, such as fritta or authentic Neapolitan pizza, so everyone will find the best option for themselves. It’s worth learning about the history of fried pizza and the recipe for it.

Fritta pizza and its origin


Pizza fritta was initially treated as a dish for the poor. The deep-fried delicacy was high in calories and filling, so it was perfect for satisfying the hunger of people who could not afford to eat many meals during the day. In addition, unlike other Neapolitan pies made almost always by men, the fritta was the domain of women. It gained great popularity in times of shortages after World War II, it was an alternative to expensive pancakes with mozzarella and tomato sauce. In those days, few people could afford to buy a wood-burning stove, and forming large cakes and working on the stove were considered men’s jobs. Women were assigned lighter tasks – they used scraps of dough, fried them on the street and sold them to passers-by and neighbors “on credit”. In this way, they were able to earn extra money for the household budget. Nowadays, fritta is chosen by many people consciously over other options available on the menu. The best pizza in Larnaca can be found in our restaurant. For those who want to enjoy its taste at home, the best option will be pizza fritta or Neapolitan pizza delivery.


Characteristics of pizza

Pizza fritta is not baked in an oven like Neapolitan, Roman or Sicilian pizza. It is deep-fried and takes the shape of a dumpling, which makes it perfect for street food. This is one of the oldest and most loved pizzas coming from Naples. It is definitely not a light dish and intended for people who count calories. To get rid of excess fat, use a good quality oil and drain the cake afterwards. It will be very important to knead a perfect dough that is fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Although fritta has a long history, it still comes as a surprise to many people when it appears in venues. It is served, m.in, by the best pizzerias in Larnaca. Other specialties on the menu include authentic Neapolitan pizza.


Ingredients & Preparation

Mozzarella cheese, ricotta, bacon and tomato sauce are used for traditional stuffing, sometimes mozzarella is replaced with harder provolone. To prepare the dough you will need flour, warm water, yeast, sugar, salt and cooking oil. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the yeast and pour half of the lukewarm water over it. The leaven must rise. Then you need to add the sifted flour, salt and the rest of the water. The dough is kneaded until it is elastic and soft, then put it into a bowl greased with olive oil, cover with a cloth and leave to rise for 1.5 hours. The dough is properly risen when you plunge your finger into it for a while and leave a hole in it. Sprinkle the pastry board lightly with flour, knead the dough lightly, form balls and leave to rise for about an hour. The pizza is spread with tomato sauce, pieces of mozzarella and bacon are arranged, oregano is sprinkled, the pie is folded in half and the sides are carefully kneaded so that the stuffing does not flow out during frying. The edges need to be glued tightly, e.g. with a fork, which will leave decorative grooves. The oil is heated in a frying pan, the dough balls are stretched in your hands into a cake with a diameter of 10-13 cm and deep-fried by turning. Each cake must be well fried, then transferred to a paper towel and drained of fat. Of course, you don’t have to make your own pizza to enjoy its taste.  The best pizza in Larnaca is served in our pizzeria. A convenient option is also to order a pizza fritta or Neapolitan pizza with delivery.

Although far fewer people have heard of fried pizza than baked pizza, it is a dish worth trying. It used to be a poor man’s delicacy due to its high calorie content, but now it is loved by people all over the world. Like many other variants of the popular dish, it originated in Naples. It differs from its baked counterparts not only in the way it is prepared, but also in its shape. Of course, you can prepare the tasty pie yourself at home, visit a pizzeria using fresh ingredients and original recipes, or choose the option of home delivery.