In the land of meat – pizza for carnivores

There are different opinions about whether meat is an essential ingredient in pizza. An authentic Neapolitan pizza can be devoid of it and still delight with its taste, just like many other vegetarian proposals. However, meat lovers will find countless variants for themselves, as it is still an addition to most popular pizzas. It is worth finding out what types of meat ingredients will work best and how to match them with other additives to create good flavor compositions. Italians love pizza with meat. Depending on the region, different types of meat are used, and each region of the world has its own tastes. Other proposals will appeal to people looking for exotic and oriental solutions, others will be found in fit pizzas for fans of taking care of a healthy lifestyle. It’s a good idea to check what options a particular pizzeria offers. Larnaca is a paradise for pizza lovers – there are many good places to eat. The best pizza in Larnaca comes from our menu.

Meat is essential?

Neapolitan pizza is quite poor in ingredients. Tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil must be included on it, most often these ingredients are complemented by the taste of Parma ham or salami. Therefore, it can be considered that ham is primarily the basic meat addition to pizza. Not every ham will go well with every type of this dish. Traditionally, cotto ham is used, cooked, characterized by tenderness. Parma ham, on the other hand, is made from pork legs, it is raw, the only treatment it has undergone is drying. Bresaola beef, on the other hand, is a ham that matures for a long time in brine for the first 10-15 weeks and then matures in a cool place for 8-12 weeks. The basic types of pizza also include salami, crudo or cotto ham and pepperoni sausage. It is worth remembering that the meat must be adapted to the type of pizza you choose. Classic combinations are obtained by combining this type of ingredients with other vegetable ingredients, as well as with cheeses. The key is to create a composition of flavors that match each other. Pizza delivery in Larnaca is an excellent option for both carnivores and those who avoid eating meat. No one has to give up eating this delicious dish. Pizzerias offer such a large number of different variants that everyone will find the perfect proposition for themselves.


Meat, but which one?

The already mentioned ham goes well with, for example, the taste of mushrooms in a capricciosa pizza. Lovers of real Italian flavours should bet on Parma ham, or prosciutto. Pizza with salami, on the other hand, perfectly combines spiciness with delicacy. It is a regional, Italian sausage with a strong, slightly spicy aroma, produced from high-quality pork meat. An alternative is pizza with a less obvious meat topping, i.e. chicken. Chicken breast meat does not need long heat treatment, which is its advantage. It goes well with cheese and vegetable side dishes. Chicken pizza fills you up for a long time. And don’t forget pepperoni, a sausage of Italian origin, with a spicy flavor reminiscent of salami. It has been widespread in American cuisine. In the 20th century, it was popular in New York to combine pepperoni and cheese. It’s an excellent choice for fans of spicy flavors. A slightly less popular addition that still has a wide range of supporters is bacon. Contrary to appearances, it goes perfectly with many ingredients, including those that may not match it at first glance. It owes its versatility to its unusual taste and intense aroma. The best pizza in Larnaca  from our menu contains only high-quality meat from trusted sources. Of course, vegetarians will also find something for themselves. Our specialty is authentic Neapolitan pizza.


 Is pepperoni sausage a staple?

It is worth devoting a little more space to the already mentioned pepperoni sausage. It’s an Italian, spicy sausage, somewhat similar to salami. Its name derives from hot peppers. Traditionally, it is a beef and pork product with the addition of offal, dried in the open air. It originated in Italy and is especially loved by Americans. The primary difference between pepperoni and salami is that the first option is a beef and pork product, while traditional Italian salami is made from donkey. The popular sausage contains a lot of vitamins, including B and E, K. It is also a source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. As the name suggests, it is often combined on pizza with peppers to emphasize the spicy taste. Together, these two components form a coherent whole. However, such a taste is very likely not to be to everyone’s taste. Some people shy away from spicy flavors and then they should rather reach for pizzas without pepperoni sausage. However, Neapolitan pizza has many variations, so everyone should be able to find their favorite without difficulty. Fans of pepperoni pizza can choose to make it themselves at home. Then don’t forget about the tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, onion and olives. An alternative is pizza delivery in Larnaca, which can be effortlessly enjoyed in the comfort of your home.


What kind of pizza is such meat

The choice of meat for the pizza should depend on the rest of the toppings on it. The key is to create a composition of flavors that match each other. Chicken will be a suitable choice for ingredients such as spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, mozzarella, bell peppers, black olives, oregano, and blue cheeses. Beef goes well with typical meat pizzas that combine many types of meat. The different types of ham go great with a variety of ingredients, including mushrooms, tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula, oregano, artichokes, and Corregio cheese. The bacon will be a side dish rather than the main ingredient in the pizza. It can be found,, in pizza carbonara combined with mozzarella, mushrooms, onions and a creamy sauce. It is often added to meat pizzas or pizzas styled as American delicacies. In the oriental version, you can try kebab pizza with beef or chicken. Minced meat in a spicy tomato sauce is an excellent choice for a Mexican-style pizza reminiscent of a burrito. Pizza with grilled meat goes well with barbecue sauce and brings to mind American flavors. Of course, these are just a few of the countless compositions. There are so many variants of this beloved dish that both lovers of classics and culinary experiments will find the perfect option for themselves. It is worth checking what variants a particular pizzeria offers. Larnaca provides a wide range of such establishments – we encourage you to try the delicacies from our menu.

Meat is not an obligatory ingredient in pizza, but many people can’t do without it. With them in mind, many popular types of this beloved dish have been created. It is worth remembering to choose high-quality meat from trusted sources. Meat ingredients should be selected in terms of other additives, including cheese and vegetables.