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In the Land of Cheese – the basis of Italian pizza

Most types of pizza can’t do without a good cheese. Authentic Neapolitan pizza is made with flavorful, chewy mozzarella. Of course, this is not the only cheesy addition that can be found on this appetizing pie. Without these types of products, the dish would be practically tasteless. It is important to remember that not all cheeses are the same. Yellow cheeses are most often added, but some pizzas also contain white cheeses. Too strong a taste of this ingredient will make the others imperceptible, and vice versa – too delicate will get lost among the intense ones. Neapolitan pizza, like many others, takes advantage of the versatility of mozzarella. A real treat for lovers of this side dish is the 4 cheese pizza. It is worth finding out how to choose its type to enhance the taste of the dish. The best pizza in Larnaca from our menu always includes high-quality, flavorful cheese.

 But why cheese?

Cheese is an essential part of pizza, as it adds flavor and moisture to the pizza. It can be chewy or baked crispy. In any case, the cheese perfectly complements the taste of other additives, including vegetable and meat. As it melts on the pizza, it combines all the ingredients together. Mozzarella, in particular, works perfectly in this case. It has a delicate taste, so it will subtly mark its presence, and at the same time allow you to smell other aromas as well. It contains many valuable nutrients, which is why it has a positive effect on the body. Under the influence of high temperature, the cheese melts to form a perfectly crispy and at the same time chewy coating. Although it may seem like a rather fatty supplement, it should actually be consumed by people who watch their figure. The most valuable values can be extracted from it by combining it with vegetable additives. It is worth remembering that, contrary to popular belief, pizza does not have to be a calorie bomb to be eaten only occasionally. It can be a very healthy dish, as long as you choose the right variant. That is why the quality of the cheese you choose is also very important. Every good pizzeria pays attention to these types of aspects. Larnaca is a place where you can find many such establishments. You can visit them in person, but an alternative for those who prefer to stay in their own homes is pizza delivery in Larnaca.



As has been emphasized many times before, an authentic Neapolitan pizza is not complete without mozzarella. Of course, people who don’t like it will also find many alternatives, but it’s worth focusing on this classic type of cheese for a moment. The main characteristics of mozzarella are its delicate taste and excellent melting on the dough. Traditional mozzarella is made from buffalo milk, but it is also allowed to be made from cow’s milk. It comes in many variants, e.g. balls, slices or shavings. Among the popular yellow cheeses, we can mention the very versatile gouda. It is also characterized by a mild taste and excellent melting. It is, m.in, an ingredient of capricciosa or Hawaiian pizza, as well as spicier dishes, such as pepperoni or diavolo.  Fans of distinctive flavors, on the other hand, will like cheddar, which is also characterized by an interesting appearance. It’s found on many American pizzas. It is fatty, which also translates into its rich flavor. Edam cheese goes great with vegetable side dishes, fish and seafood. For a richer taste, it’s a good idea to combine several different types of cheese. However, you can’t overdo it either, so as not to overwhelm the dish and make it simply too heavy. The best pizza in Larnaca  will mean a different proposition for everyone, but there will almost always be a good yellow cheese on it.


 … Or maybe white?

Putting white cheese on pizza is definitely less popular, but it is an option worth trying. Of course, it will be a pizza different from the classic Neapolitan pizza. The Greek feta is not to be missed here. This delicacy is traditionally made from sheep’s milk, often fortified with goat’s milk. It has a specific, salty taste, white color and crumbly consistency. It works great with vegetable ingredients: peppers, onions, eggplant and spinach. Another noteworthy option is ricotta, which is Italian cottage cheese. It has a milky, extremely delicate taste, so it is worth combining it with more expressive ingredients, which will emphasize its delicacy even more. It works well with spinach, fresh and dried tomatoes, olives, seafood and fish, as well as ham and salami. If you don’t have classic ricotta, you can also try pizza with regular cottage cheese. Using it instead of cheese will significantly “slim down” the dish, so it can be a good option for people on a diet. Other pizza cheeses, apart from yellow and white, are blue cheeses, such as camembert. The greatest variety is gained by preparing the dish yourself, otherwise it is worth checking what variants a particular pizzeria offers. Larnaca is a place full of this type of establishments, so everyone is sure to find their favourite.


Like pizza, like cheese

What type of cheese goes to put on the pizza should depend on the rest of the toppings on it. The quality of the cheese you choose is of the utmost importance – so it is best to obtain it from trusted sources. An almost obligatory base of pizza is the already mentioned mozzarella cheese. It can be matched with other cheeses and other ingredients. The subtle flavor goes great with other toppings and doesn’t overpower them, while also gaining a chewy texture when baked on pizza. In the case of intense, varied compositions, it is good to reach for hard, aromatic Parmesan cheese. A small amount of this grated cheese will give the dish a more pronounced flavor. A similar, but slightly less intense effect will be provided by pecorino, i.e. rennet cheese made from cow’s milk. It goes great with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. It also has a slightly spicy flavor, so it will be a good choice for pepperoni pizza. Gorgonzola is also distinctive, which is a great addition to arugula, spinach and garlic. Feta goes well with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and chicken, while ricotta goes well with garlic, spinach, and balsamic sauce. In the case of 4 cheese pizza, the most important ingredient is, of course, mozzarella, which is complemented by mature or blue cheese, cream or soft cheese and hard cheese. The cheese therefore determines the taste of the entire pizza. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a tasty dish without it – marinara is an example. A good pizza delivery in Larnaca is on our menu.

We could talk about the types of cheese for pizza for a very long time. In addition to mozzarella, many types of cheese are used, as well as white and blue cheeses. Many people agree that pizza without cheese would simply be expressionless. The presence of this ingredient is one of the common features of Italian and American pizza. It’s worth finding your favorite version of this delicious dish.