Convince yourself to … Fumoso

Authentic Neapolitan pizza on thin crust has had many fans around the world for years. Even lovers of American pizza with a completely different way of preparing it must know that their favorite dish has common roots with the Italian delicacy.  Over time, Neapolitan pizza began to be an inspiration for many people to experiment with cooking, enriching the pie with various meat and vegetable ingredients or sauces.

Pizza unlike any other?

Already in prehistory, a pie resembling today’s pizza was known. It was consumed by the Greeks, Romans, as well as representatives of the Armenian, Iranian, Persian and Egyptian cultures. Of course, it was a much more modest dish than today, intended for members of the lower social classes. They were often eaten by soldiers. It will come as no surprise that  authentic Neapolitan pizza had its origins in Naples, in the 18th century, when it became a popular street dish. The cake could be prepared quickly and cheaply and easily eaten on the way to work. There were only a few additives on it, mainly herbal and vegetable. Everything changed in 1889 thanks to the visit of Queen Margherita of Savoy to the pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito. He created a dish in honor of the queen in the colors of the Italian flag – tomatoes symbolized red, mozzarella – white, and basil – green. That’s when Margherita pizza was created, and for many people, it’s still the best pizza in Larnaca.

Over the years, bakers have experimented with different variants of this dish, which made it possible,, to create Fumoso pizza. It draws excellent dough, sauce and the presence of mozzarella from the original, while it also includes expressive Parmesan cheese, a special sauce and smoked pork. So it has a characteristic taste that is difficult to pass by indifferently. Order Neapolitan pizza delivery and enjoy it anywhere.


Ingredients and preparation

Originally, Neapolitan pizza consists of juicy San Marzano tomatoes, which grow in volcanic fields south of Vesuvius, and creamy mozzarella di bufala Campana, made from the milk of buffaloes grazing in semi-wild conditions in the marshes of Campania, or mozzarella made from cow’s milk fior di latte. The dough is made with type 0 or 00 flour, water, salt, yeast and extra virgin olive oil. It must rise for a minimum of 8 hours, and then be formed by hand using a special technique so that the air is “pushed” from the center of the dough to the edges. This makes the center of the pizza thin and the edges fluffy and risen. For a long time, Neapolitan pizza was baked only in a wood-fired oven, at 485 degrees Celsius, for 60-90 seconds.

Pizza 485 offers Fumoso pizza enriched with Parmesan cheese, which is one of the most famous among Italian cheeses. It is made from raw milk from cows fed only with grass and hay, has a distinct taste and aroma, and contains valuable nutrients for the body. Smoked pork adds a noble, full-bodied, and delicate flavor to the pizza. The whole thing is complemented by an additional sauce that combines the flavors of all the other toppings. It’s a real treat for the taste buds and according to many people, the best pizza in Larnaca!


Worth the sin…?

Fumoso pizza is definitely not an option for people who appreciate the most delicate flavors of dishes. All the ingredients have a distinct aroma that blends perfectly into a whole. It is also an option for lovers of meat additives due to the presence of smoked pork. There are both supporters and opponents of a large amount of sauce on pizza – Fumoso is a dish definitely intended for representatives of the first group, as there are as many as two types of sauce on it. It will be more caloric than traditional Margherita pizza, which provides about 220-230 kcal in 100 grams – you also have to add the calorie content of the sauce, Parmesan cheese (about 430 kcal) and smoked pork (on average 150-250 kcal depending on the type). However, this does not mean that it is better to give up eating this treat – deviations from the diet in reasonable amounts are not a bad thing and can have a positive effect on your well-being, and such a taste is hard to resist! It is worth ordering Neapolitan pizza delivery or visiting our restaurant in person.

Pizzerias in Larnaca meet the needs of customers with many tempting proposals. We encourage you to try Fumoso pizza, which combines the qualities of the original Neapolitan pizza and has an even more distinct taste than it. The noble addition of smoked pork and Parmesan cheese, characteristic of other cheeses, enhances the aroma of pizza and allows you to enjoy a truly Italian delicacy of the highest quality.