Types of Italian pizza – Pizza siciliana

The expression pizza siciliana refers to a series of ways to prepare Sicilian pizza, and its most famous variety is the Sfincione Palermitan. Over the years, however, many versions have been created, among which the differences in preparation and recipe are due, m.in, to the local culture and tradition. Some recipes don’t contain cheese, while others contain a lot of it. Most pizzas are based on authentic Neapolitan pizza , which is the most popular. To eat an original dish, it is worth visiting pizzerias in Larnaca. However, those who prefer to enjoy the taste at home can also choose the option of Sicilian pizza or Neapolitan pizza delivery.

Pizza siciliana and its origin

As already mentioned, it was  the Neapolitan pizza that gave rise to the later modifications of this dish. The history of popular pies began when in the 19th century the inhabitants of the Naples area emigrated to the United States and after their return popularized pizza, which had already been baked in the USA. The word “pizza” appeared for the first time in a document from 997. The first recipe for pizza resembling today’s varieties was developed in the late 18th century in Naples, when tomatoes imported from the New World were added to focaccia. In 1889, the chef Raffaelo Esposito dedicated three types of pizza to Queen Margaret of Savoy, and the one she liked the most was named margherita in her honor. Since then, the dish has undergone various modifications. The best pizza in Larnaca is on our menu.


Characteristics of pizza

Sicilian pizza is significantly different from Neapolitan and Roman pizza. It’s a fluffy, risen cake that used to be taken to work by workers living on the island. At first, a piece of dough was baked in the oven with olive oil, salt, and sometimes cheese. Some people believe that classic pizza siciliana should not contain tomato sauce. The most popular variety, Sfincione, is usually rectangular in shape, the dough is fluffy and well risen. In Sicily, durum wheat is grown, which contributes to the rich taste of the pizza. Today, the most common version includes stewed onions, anchovies fillets, oregano, Caciocavallo cheese instead of mozzarella, and bread crumbs. The dough rises for up to 72 hours and is then baked at around 300°C for 3 or 4 minutes. In addition to the already mentioned Sfincione variety, we can also mention Scacciata, Crispeddi, Pidone, Pizzolo or Scaccia. Authentic Neapolitan or Sicilian pizza can be found on the menu of the best pizzerias in terms of quality. The first one has much fewer ingredients and is considered to be one of the most dietetic. In the case of Sicilian pizza, there is more freedom in terms of toppings, it is much thicker. Pizzerias in Larnaca offer a wide range of options, so everyone will find the best option for themselves. It is also worth choosing Neapolitan pizza delivery and enjoy its taste anywhere.


Ingredients & Preparation

To prepare the pizza dough siciliana you will need yeast, sugar, milk, flour, olive oil and salt. Tomato sauce is made from skinless tomatoes cut into pieces or chopped tomatoes from a can, onion, olive oil and salt. Toppings include wheat flour for dusting the countertop, basil and oregano leaves, anchovies, olives, crumbled bread or breadcrumbs, and Caciocavallo cheese or optional sheep’s cheese or Parmesan cheese. The ingredients for the dough should be combined together and kneaded until it becomes uniform and elastic. The finished dough can be gently drizzled with water and then left to rest in the fridge for 10 minutes. After that, it should rise in a warm place for another 20 minutes. The ingredients for the sauce should be combined together and blended until a uniform consistency is obtained. A pastry board or worktop is sprinkled with flour, the dough is placed on it and rolled out or shaped into a cake by hand. It should be about 1 cm thick. Then place it on a rectangular baking tray, brush it with the sauce you have prepared earlier, top it with cheese, arrange the vegetable toppings, remove the anchovies from the can and drain, and then arrange it evenly. The pizza is baked at around 300°C for 3 or 4 minutes.  However, the best pizza in Larnaca from a good place allows you to avoid making your own dish. The menu includes items such as good quality pizza siciliana or Neapolitan pizza.

There are so many types of pizza that practically everyone has their own favorite. The most popular are pizzas such as Neapolitan, Roman or Sicilian. These are classic and cult proposals. The last two contain more toppings than the first, and the Sicilian pizza also differs from the others in the thickness and shape of the dough, which is fluffy and rectangular. There are several varieties of siciliana, depending on local cultures and traditions. However, the Sfincione variety from Palermo is considered to be the original variant.