Pizza and its toppings

Authentic Neapolitan pizza  is poor in toppings, while in the American variant there is definitely no room for savings. Different varieties of pizza are popular all over the world, and the only limit to the choice of ingredients is actually your imagination. The most important thing in the original Italian pizza is the dough, made of flour, yeast, water and olive oil. It is its taste that is supposed to play a key role, and the ingredients should not overshadow it. The simplest solutions often turn out to be the best, as evidenced by pizza margherita. Of course, you must not forget to choose a good cheese and prepare a tasty tomato sauce. Nowadays, not only well-known, typically Italian pizza toppings such as capers, artichokes, anchovies, black olives, prosciutto, spicy Italian salami, peperoncino, garlic and oregano are used, but also more exotic ones, including zucchini flowers, eggplant, thinly sliced potatoes, beets, green asparagus, roasted peppers or pineapple. The best pizza in Larnaca from our menu is prepared with the utmost care so that its taste satisfies the taste buds of even the most demanding people. There’s no need to visit the restaurant in person – pizza delivery in Larnaca is the perfect option for everyone who wants to enjoy the taste of this dish at home.

 Base… i.e. cake

Neapolitan pizza won’t exist without a well-prepared dough. It is the most important thing in every variant of this dish. Making the perfect pizza dough requires not only accuracy in the selection of ingredients, but also an understanding of the processes and reactions that take place during mixing and baking. The bottom must be elastic and crispy at the same time. Particular attention should be paid to the act of kneading the dough – too intense can make it too thick, and delicate dough cannot be properly unrolled by gluten. The method and time of aging greatly affects the final texture and taste. The temperature and humidity in the room where the pizza is prepared are also important. A cooler environment means that the dough takes longer to rise, but this can contribute to better flavor development. Similarly, warmer conditions ensure faster growth, but a weaker aroma. Baking is the last and very important stage. Reaching the right oven temperature is key. If it is too low, it deprives the bottom of its crispiness and makes it hard, while a high one causes it to bake too quickly without the possibility of rising properly. Even heat and perfect crispiness can be achieved by using a pizza stone. Every good pizzeria uses it. Larnaca is a place where you can find many such establishments.


Foundation… i.e. cheese

An authentic Neapolitan pizza would not be made without a good cheese. It is what gives the dish its distinctiveness. The choice of the type of cheese should depend on what toppings are on the pancake. Of course, mozzarella will work well in virtually every composition. For many people, the determinant will be the ability of a given cheese to pull – this is also a feature of mozzarella, as well as its subtle and delicate taste, which does not overwhelm the taste of the other ingredients. It originally originates from the Campania region and is made from buffalo milk, but it can also be made from cow’s milk. Neapolitan pizza contains mozzarella, tomato sauce and aromatic basil. Sheep’s cheese such as pecorino, gorgonzola and parmesan cheese are also popular. However, it is not only cheese that can be found on pizza. Some variants include the use of feta or ricotta. In the United States, it is not uncommon to use greasy cheddar cheese, which goes well with thick dough and meat toppings. Lovers of cheese flavors love pizza 4 cheese. The most important ingredient here is, of course, mozzarella, which is complemented by mature or blue cheese, cream or soft cheese and hard cheese. The best pizza in Larnaca will  mean something different to everyone, but it will definitely have to include your favorite cheese.


How about meat?

The most popular meat topping for pizza is undoubtedly ham. ham. Together with mushrooms, it is an ingredient of the capricciosa pizza. In the truly Italian version of pizza, there is especially Parma ham, or prosciutto. It is a long-ripened ham obtained from whole pork legs. Its characteristic taste is due to its low salt content. Another meat ingredient often added to pizza is salami – a combination of spiciness and tenderness. In addition, the taste of chicken also goes well with this dish. It combines particularly well with cheese and vegetables, it provides satiety for a long time. Pepperoni, on the other hand, is a sausage with a spicy flavor, reminiscent of salami. Known in Italy, it has also been spread in American cuisine. In the 20th century, the most popular set of pizza toppings was the one consisting of pepperoni and cheese. This is a proposition for fans of spicier flavors. A slightly less popular meat side dish is bacon. Contrary to appearances, it goes well with many products, even those that may not fit it at first glance. All this thanks to its unusual taste and intense aroma. Of course, it is known that not everyone will like pizzas with a high content of meat ingredients. Vegetarians and vegans will also find many options for themselves, including interesting tofu compositions. It’s a good idea to check what variants a particular pizzeria serves. Larnaca is a city where you can find places that appeal to the tastes of even the most demanding people.


Basic Extras

First of all, don’t forget how important the order in which you put the toppings on the pizza is. First, spread the tomato sauce (unlike the pizza bianca) and then top with the cheese. The rest of the ingredients are at the top of the cake and are inviting by their appearance alone. They should be spread evenly over all pieces. At the very top, greens are usually placed, i.e. arugula, spinach or basil leaves (after taking the dish out of the oven). In fact, most pizzas, apart from the already mentioned tomato sauce and cheese, will feature basil and oregano. Side dishes such as ham, capers, olives, chicken, corn, pineapple or pepperoni sausage are popular. Other options are artichokes or mushrooms. There are really no limits when it comes to the products that can decorate a pizza. The only one is actually the taste and imagination of the person. When preparing a dish at home, it’s a good idea to check the contents of your fridge and use ingredients that are running out or have a short shelf life. Pizza delivery in Larnaca , on the other hand, is an option for all those who know exactly what toppings should be on their favorite dish. It’s a good idea to opt for options with fresh and preserved vegetables, such as cucumber, beans, corn, peppers, or tomatoes. The taste of the pizza will be emphasized by smoked, blue and yellow cheeses. Seafood lovers will also find the best options for themselves. There are pizzas with shrimps, mussels or squid. When it comes to fish, tuna and smoked salmon work well.

It’s a good idea to experiment with pizza toppings. There are no hard and fast rules that you have to stick to when composing your favorite flavor. Of course, it is also worth relying on ready-made and proven proposals from recommended restaurants. Minimalism is still a classic, providing a unique taste of classic Italian pizza.