Convince yourself to … LT

Pizza LT at Pizza 485 in Larnaca is a real delicacy for those who appreciate classic but innovative flavor combinations. The base of this pizza is tomato sauce, made only from the ripest tomatoes, which guarantees depth and richness of flavor. Caramelized onions are placed on this aromatic base, which contrasts perfectly with the salted taste of crispy pancetta with its sweetness.

Pizza unlike any other?

Neapolitan pizza LT at Pizza 485 in Larnaca is a unique proposition for those who are looking not only for excellent taste, but also for originality. Pizza LT is distinguished not only by its unique composition of ingredients, but also by the method of preparation. Its uniqueness comes from the use of traditional Neapolitan baking techniques, which emphasize the authenticity and freshness of the products used.

The basis is tomato sauce, which is different from the standard ones often used in other pizzerias. The unique sauce is made with the freshest, carefully selected tomatoes, which gives the pizza a depth of flavor. Meticulously selected ingredients are placed on the sauce: sweet caramelized onion, crispy pancetta, creamy fresh mozzarella and aromatic olives. Rucola adds freshness and lightness, creating a perfect symphony of flavors with the other ingredients, which provides an unforgettable experience with every bite.


Ingredients and preparation

The ingredients and preparation of the LT pizza at Pizza 485 in Larnaca are crucial to its unique taste. We start by preparing the tomato sauce, which is the heart of any real Neapolitan pizza. We use only the freshest, carefully selected tomatoes that are gently cooked to release their full flavor and natural sweetness. Then place thin slices of caramelized onion on top of the sauce, which add a sweetish, deep aroma. Crispy pancetta, fried until golden brown, introduces an intense, smoky accent. Fresh mozzarella, placed in abundance, melts in the oven to form a creamy, melting layer. The olives add a characteristic, slightly bitter taste, and the whole thing is topped with fresh rucola, which adds lightness and refreshing spiciness to the pizza. Baked in a traditional wood-fired oven, LT pizza achieves the perfect crispiness and retains all the aromas of the ingredients, making it a true work of culinary art.

Each ingredient in LT pizza plays an important role in shaping its unique taste. Caramelized onions add sweetness and depth, while crunchy pancetta adds a smoky, intense twist. Fresh mozzarella, melting in the oven, provides a creamy texture and tenderness. The olives bring an earthy, slightly bitter flavor that perfectly balances the other components, while the fresh rucola adds a refreshing spiciness and lightness. Together, they form a harmonious whole that is both rich in flavor and varied in texture, making the LT pizza a true culinary work of art.

This unique combination of ingredients makes LT pizza at Pizza 485 the best pizza in Larnaca, attracting locals and tourists alike.


Worth the sin?

LT pizza from Pizza 485, considered the best pizza in Larnaca, is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates rich and varied flavors. It contains about 850 calories, which makes it an ideal meal for those looking for a wholesome dish. It will especially appeal to lovers of intense and complex aromas, and thanks to its elegance and sophistication, this pizza is perfect for a variety of occasions – from casual meetings with friends to more formal parties. Moreover, for the convenience of customers, pizzerias in Larnaca offer Neapolitan pizza with home delivery . The taste of LT pizza will be perfectly complemented by fresh, slightly sour white wine or refreshing lemonade, which will perfectly balance the richness and intensity of its ingredients. This pizza is not only a treat for the palate, but also a visual pleasure thanks to its colorful and appetizing appearance.

Discover the taste of real Neapolitan pizza in the heart of Larnaca by choosing LT pizza from Pizza 485. It is not just a meal, but a real culinary journey that will satisfy anyone who is looking for not only taste, but also authenticity. Whatever the occasion, LT pizza is the perfect choice, whether for a quiet evening at home or for larger gatherings. With the option to order with home delivery, you can enjoy the best pizza in Larnaca without leaving your home. Don’t forget to choose the right drink, such as fresh white wine or refreshing lemonade, to complete the overall experience.